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Lynvingen Photo Archive
Lynvingen Photo archive contains photos from three Norway based photographers: Anders Levoll, Ånund Ryningen and Birgit Ryningen

Our Archive contains photos from:
- Nature: Flowers, birds, wildlife, landscapes
- Outdoor activities: Kayaking, skiing, trekking/hiking, biking, tenting and cabin life, rock climbing, fishing and hunting
- Travelling from among others: Australia, Afghanistan, Hawaii, Croatia, Mongolia, Norway, Russia, Spitsbergen, the Transsibirian railway
- Sports, mainly judo, but also other sports such as: Buzkashi, polo, offshore raceing, skiing, bikraceing
- And other themes as: Old photos from farming life in Setesdalen, portraits, food and beverages, illustration pictures, manipulations and more

The pictures are searchable in English, Norwegian and by the Latin name of the species.

If wildlife is photographed in captivity, it will be clearly stated in the picture text. Likewise, manipulated pictures are tagged as manipulated. Minor adjustments such as level adjustments, cropping and easy sharpening are not mentioned.